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Live, transatlantic interviews with Charlize Theron and Andile Nebulane are two examples of how the scope of our work has expanded over the past 12 months. As the demand for content production has broadened in genre, the pandemic-induced rise of remote production has opened the door to a plethora of diverse smaller projects which are both challenging and stimulating.

Requests come in not just from production companies, brands and ad agencies but increasingly from specialist content agencies operating in the realm of social media and digital streaming platforms. The briefs have included an intercontinental, live interview between Hollywood and a Johannesburg studio in a 4K environment, streaming camera feeds from a Ghanaian sports event, filming interviews simultaneously with a production company in India and filming in one of the world’s most hi tech vertical farms near Pretoria.

Our ability to successfully implement remote production has played an integral role in bringing us these projects and in most instances it’s the efficiency of the system, and not Covid travel restrictions, that have been the driving force. Small budgets have been stretched so much further by redirecting the costs of the traditionally required travel into more value on screen.

“In so many ways, small is good,” says Moonlighting’s Philip Key. “We are really closely involved in the projects and can add value from our long production history.”

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