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In honour of World Diversity Day, we’re proud to show off our Moonlighting logo in Diversity Type – the world’s most diverse typeface that was created specially for World Diversity Day by UK agency Distillery with designs from creatives across the world.

To create the logo, Distillery called upon designers from every part of the world and sourced creators from underrepresented networks to help design each unique letter. 308 creatives across 54 countries were involved in the project.

Distillery founder Steve Wheen explains:”We  embarked on this project to further the conversation and importance of diversity and
inclusion within the creative industry. Diversity isn’t something to be solved; it’s an ongoing journey that will be forever changing, and the industry needs to recognise this. We hope that by creating awareness around this initiative, we will encourage others to think about how we can positively promote diversity and cultural intelligence, and act on improving their knowledge and understanding of diversity in all walks of life.”

In partnership with the Diversity Standards Collective, an organisation specialising in connecting brands to diverse audience research, the Diversity Type Project will raise money for three organizations around the world who champion diversity, the Disaster Emergency Committee, The Diversity Trust and UN Women.

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