Sentinel Ocean Alliance

We’re proud to support Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Reducing our carbon footprint

Solar panels are our primary source of power

Replacing single-use-plastic water bottles on set.

Working with ECO NINJAS on set to manage recycling & composting


Re-Use, Reduce, Recycle

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint both on-set and in the office in every way possible and have recently joined Green the Bid to ensure that we are maximising every opportunity both at the office and on set. Our initiatives include:


Solar batteries fed by 60 solar panels are our primary source of power; we enforce strict recycling and no-print policies; rainwater is collected in 4 x 5000l JoJo tanks for use in the toilets.


No plastic water bottles, cups, lids, food packaging or cutlery are used on set with water bottles, water coolers and water trucks (where appropriate) provided; we enforce strict recycling and no-print policies; ride-shares are encouraged.

Please contact Beccy Kellond for full information on our environmental strategy.


Moonlighting are proud to support Sentinel Ocean Alliance: a non-profit organisation that provides ocean-based opportunities and environmental education for the youth of South Africa’s coastal communities. We’re currently sponsoring a child each month to attend the Parley Ocean School and have recently sponsored some new wetsuits. If you’d like to know how you can support the life-changing work of Sentinel Ocean Alliance, you can learn more at

Other phenomenal organisations that we are proud to support include: 123Braii, Servants of Sustenance, Little Brinks and feeding schemes run by the families of 2 Moonlighting heroes Alan and Eugene. In addition, we regularly donate props and funds from shoots to causes that are relevant to a specific shoot or its location.


Moonlighting has always strived to create an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity; a mission that is inherent and visible throughout all departments and at all levels of the company.

In our recruitment of interns, we have always prioritised PDG appointments with the aim of providing opportunity for growth to senior positions in the film industry and have successfully maintained this strategy for the past 10 years. (PDG = Previously Disadvantaged Groups)

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