vincent and isabelle

French media Producer Vincent Roussel and Art Director Isabelle Longue have brought their many years’ experience in the French production world to Cape Town and Moonlighting where they are now servicing commercials and stills for the French market.

What that means in real terms is not only about hands on French production service from one of Cape Town’s top service companies – which has taken off with three very cool French spots just before Christmas. There’s also something subtly French in the air at the office – from the way we all greet each other in the morning to the food. This morning I was offered some mouth-wateringly delicious crêpes straight from Vincent’s kitchen for breakfast. Last week we sampled home-made croissants from Chef Florence Sabas.

Vincent & Isabelle’s relationship with Moonlighting goes back many years.  Isabelle came to Johannesburg as a client on what was one of Moonlighting’s first ever shoots, a commercial for SFR. Vincent started working with us as a client in 2003 as Exec Producer to French media director Jean Pierre Philippot and shot many jobs with us mainly for Garnier.

Their move to Cape Town was 3 years in the planning. Let’s face it – when you live in Paris and have a home in Chamonix (Vincent is also a World Champion speed skier) moving anywhere takes some consideration. They said however that this was an easy decision.

“We love South Africa from every perspective. As producers, we know from much first-hand experience how important South Africa is as a cost-effective production location for the French media market – from the range of talent and locations to the world-class production. It’s a very necessary part of how we shoot,” explains Vincent.

It’s also about the challenge of the new, “le piment dans la vie”. “We love being back here” adds Isabelle. “It’s familiar but it’s also new. New experiences, new locations. I love being able to apply what I find here to the French market.”

For their French clients, what they offer as a team is quite unique. Vincent’s 25 years’ experience in production on the client side means that he knows more than most exactly what is required from a production service company. With her years as an Artistic Director working with French directors, Isabelle brings an intrinsic understanding of what will work for the boards. She presents locations and talent in exactly the way it will work for the French market and can speed up the selection process. Where possible, she goes on the scouts. Adding this very personal perspective to Moonlighting’s service expertise makes for an offering to the French market that is second to none.

Vincent and Isabelle are committed to life here. They moved here with their son Tom who is now happily at school here. They surf every weekend; they walk in the mountains; they sip Aperol Spritz from their terrace overlooking the ocean and – the true sign of a South African – they’ve bought a braai.

For quotes, locations and production info, contact:

Vincent on whatsapp: +33 6 07 35 67 71;

– Beccy Kellond, Marketing & Partner, Moonlighting



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