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As our 15th client team since November fly home after a successful shoot and fantastic time in South Africa, the news from South Africa is good. With all our clients and crew testing negative, South African numbers right down 92% from our early January peak and our vaccination drive in its second week, we thought it was definitely time for a catch up. Read on for client feedback and all the facts you need  – from which airlines are flying here to pre-shoot testing, streaming, Covid numbers and even  virtual safaris for the agency back home.

In the last 2 weeks, Moonlighting shot 4 projects from UK, USA and France concurrently; all directors and producers were in town with some agency here and some joining remotely. This came after shooting back-to-back since early November, through all levels of our second wave. For us, it confirmed that our clients had confidence in our South African teams to look after them and their projects; and that our crew & teams, like so many around the world, have fully adapted to production in times of Covid amid the strictest possible safety protocols.

Travel was an initial concern for many clients but proved to be worth it and many have chosen to stay on once here for multiple shoots. “Flying 30 hours in Covid times was daunting and it took a lot of convincing my family!” explains 1stAveMachine’s Michaela McKee. “But we need to work and get the job done. And I felt comfortable coming to a place where I know and trust everyone because of the relationship we have with Moonlighting. Once you’re here it’s still the same great teams, great crews and everyone is working so hard to keep everything safe and efficient.”

Successful streaming with multiple communication channels is a big priority. Michaela continues: “the infrastructure Moonlighting has set up for streaming for the Video Village is amazing and better than anything I have experienced. It’s really well set up and has worked really well.”. 

Our clients have experienced Cape Town safely while at its usual, hospitable best.

While we all wish we could be in CapeTown without any restrictions, we had a chance to see all the beautiful nature, all the different neighborhoods and beaches, and tried a few delicious restaurants. I felt like I had a complete Cape Town experience albeit with a mask. The restrictions are something we all learned to live with and are very comparable to what we have to follow in the US.” – Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism

Producer Rachel North confirmed: “…we talked about how much fun we had – it felt like going to camp everyday!  😀 We especially loved how tight the crew was and how happy they were on set like a big happy family.”

A word on the budget from our client from Frenzy in Paris:”Thank you very much for your work on this job. You managed to keep the budget despite numerous requests and changes. Amazing work!!!

And on the safety protocols: “Everything possible was done to keep us safe so I was able to work without being stressed by COVID.“: Maud Chalard, Director / Photographer

Read our A-Z of Facts on shooting in the time of Covid here.

Please contact Shayne@moonlightingfilms.co.za or beccy@moonlightingfilms.co.za if you have questions, need quotes or locations or just want to catch up.


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