the infrastructure Moonlighting has set up for streaming for the Video Village is amazing and better than anything I have experienced. It’s really well set up and has worked really well.”. 

— Michaela McKee, 1stavemachine

I sincerely thank you for all your involvement, your energy and your good humor during this shoot.You organized an ambitious shoot in only 3 weeks, working from the other side of the world, through the holidays and despite Covid. Bravo! .”. 

— Caroline Halipre, Petit Bateau

A huge thank you to our production partners Moonlighting Commercials in South Africa for running a super safe and top notch production during pandemic times.

— Kati Haberstock, Mekanism

While we all wish we could be in CapeTown without any restrictions, we had a chance to see all the beautiful nature, all the different neighborhoods and beaches, and tried a few delicious restaurants. I felt like I had a complete Cape Town experience albeit with a mask. The restrictions are something we all learned to live with and are very comparable to what we have to follow in the US. – Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism

— Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism

Everything possible was done to keep us safe so I was able to work without being stressed by COVID.

— Maud Chalard, Director / Photographer

Every project that comes across my desk I try to figure out how to shoot it in SA with you. It was seriously one of the best production services experiences I’ve had.

— Michaela McKee, 1stavemachine

Thank you very much for your work on this job. You managed to keep the budget despite numerous requests and changes. Amazing work! The edit is great and agency and client are super happy. It was a pleasure to work with you guys.

— Julien Berlan, Frenzy, Paris

The crew we have is tremendous. As we all know, every single job is a team/ family effort. Literally. Thanks for welcoming me into yours. Again.

— Dave Laden, Hungry Man

The entire Moonlighting experience was truly wonderful. The crew was fantastic & the production was flawless!

— Francine Wiener, Producer

This might have been the nicest and most professional reception in my 20 years marketing career. Thanks a million and well done, guys.

— Raf (Pepsico / Lays)

As usual, I just loved your crew. Suzanne and Wade were just wonderful to be with. Thank you so much for everything. I guess I will just need to come back.

— Robert Williamson (Serial)

Hi Team Sasquatch.Thank you for your tireless and awesome work. The spots are truly incredible and an amazing show of collaboration. Hopefully more to come.

— Jason (Mekanism)

Thank you for a terrific job. The team were a joy to work with & the clients were delighted. We have excellent content that’s down to the excellence of Moonlighting.

— Mike Morley (Tipico)

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