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It’s Summer! Our borders are open for all business & film industry travellers,  our grass is green thanks to a wet winter and the exchange rate means 23% more production value than last year. 

Working safely and efficiently: Our approach is to embrace and adapt to this new production environment, apply strict safety protocols, and leverage this changing world to find new efficiencies, giving you the best bang for your buck.  

South Africa’s risk-adjusted strategy meant that we’ve moved from the world’s strictest lockdown in March to Level 1 and open borders in October, with support and approval from the WHO. 

This has resulted in South Africa being a stable alternative to other production destinations that are struggling with second waves.    

We’ve included links to 7 articles which sum up everything you need to know to shoot in South Africa this season, and plenty of good reasons to do so. 

Feel free to get in touch any time if you’ve got questions or want us to quote on a board. We’re #reloaded

For questions or more info about any travel and visa requirements, contact Beccy at beccy@moonlightingfilms.co.za. For production info and bids, contact Shayne at shayne@moonlightingfilms.co.za


2.REMOTE PRODUCTION & its unexpected benefits

3. SAFETY IS KEY: pandemic proof production protocols

4,THE EXCHANGE RATE ADVANTAGE: up to 23% cheaper than in 2019

5. SHOCKPROOF: Moonlighting’s approach to a changing world

6.10 REASONS WHY South Africa is still the best production destination in the world

7.SOUTH AFRICA praised by the World Health Organisation

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